Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator

Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator Info

Start Making Healthy Snacks and Preserving Your Food With Solar Food Dehydrators!

Discover the benefits of the Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator:


→ Use solar power to dehydrate your food with no need for electricity.
→ Dehydrates veggies, fruit, herbs, and meat
→ Can maintain temperatures between 90 and 160 F
→ Large capacity -18.4 square feet of dryer space with expansion kit available
→ Constructed of premium, high quality materials for long life.


Why Use the Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator?

  • Most economical per square foot of drying space
  • Free energy from the Sun
  • Small or large loads are the same price – free!
  • Runs silently

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